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The Eastern Desert of Egypt: miles and miles of unexplored virgin mountains and wadis. This expanse of rocks, sand and occasional vegetation has over the centuries witnessed the rise and fall of many ancient civilizations, each leaving its imprints on the land

Desert Experiences Your Way is offering the opportunity to have the unique experience of visiting the Eastern Desert by car, camel, donkey or hiking. Desert Experiences Your Way works in cooperation with Yourway Travel and is managed by Karen van Opstal. Karen, a geologist from the Netherlands, has lived for more than 23 years in the Eastern Desert and has gotten to know the land and its inhabitants extensively. She speaks Dutch, English, French, German and Arabic.

All our tours are presented together with local Bedouins, called Ababda. One of the aims of Desert Experiences-Your Way is to work in cooperation with the local society for the regional development of tourism.

Desert Experiences Yourway at:

Marsa Shagra Village

20 km North Marsa Alam

Red Sea – Egypt

Tel +20 106 013 1070